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Healthy pancakes

Filter the flours into a bowl or wide container and tip any bits in the sifter over into the bowl. Include the egg yolks and a sprinkle of milk at that point mix to a thick glue. Include the rest of the milk a little at any given moment so you don’t make bumps in the hitter.

Whisk the egg whites until they stand up in firm pinnacles, at that point overlap them cautiously into the player – do whatever it takes not to squash out all the air.

Warmth a non-stick container over a medium warmth and pour in enough player to make a flapjack around 10 cm over. Cook for simply under a moment until air pockets start to fly superficially and the edges are looking somewhat dry. Cautiously turn the hotcake over. In the event that it is somewhat wet on top, it might squirt out a little hitter as you do as such. All things considered, abandon it on the opposite side somewhat more. Keep warm while you make the rest of the flapjacks. Present with your preferred sound fixings.

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